Oud Mystérieux - 30 ml mixte


If there is indeed a mysterious and mystical fragrance, it is that of the oud. Called the “wood of the gods“, this rare and precious wood is considered in the Middle East as a divine purifying manifestation.

Oud Mystérieux magnifies the powerful woody and animal scents of this dry oud, which comes from the tropical regions of Asia. It creates a unisex fragrance that is tender and virile at the same time. The amber and intense scents of the oud blend with the dry, green cedar wood and with the exhilarating scent of sandalwood, used all over the world since Antiquity for ritual and spiritual ceremonies.

Oud Mystérieux combines the sensual voluptuousness and textured softness of cashmere wood with the warm and sensual scent of patchouli and musk. The balsamic musk brings a distinctly feminine and comforting touch to this contrasting and changing fragrance.

Top notes: cedar wood, sandalwood
Heart notes: cashmere wood, oud
Base notes: patchouli, mosses, musk

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